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I was watching the movie Freedom Writers last night… I hadn’t watched it in awhile and had a completely new perspective on it…


It is a source that completely reiterates the reason as to why I want to be a teacher.  The faculty within that movie didn’t believe in their students therefore the students did not believe in their own abilities which led to other people being able to corrupt those kids because they had no self worth or hope for a better future for themselves.


Miep Gies, the brave woman who helped shelter Anne Frank and her family during the Holocaust had a quote within the movie that was perfect:

“But even an ordinary secretary or a housewife or a teenager can, within their own small ways, turn on a small light in a dark room”
– Miep Gies…


It begins with one individual… that individual can turn on the light of change that may soon be felt by other individuals in the same situation all around the world.

It has happened before, who says that it cannot happen now?

As teachers we have the ability to plant the seed of hope within a child’s heart that builds the realization that they are worthwhile, loved, cared for and about, and that they have the ability to reach for the stars and achieve their innermost dreams.

As a teacher, if the only word of wisdom that a child walking out of my room leaves with is hope, then at least we have given them the one word that can open the door to endless possibilities. 

Being a teacher is about giving all children the abilities to succeed in the outside world to the utmost of their abilities; a hope for a better tomorrow.

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Challenge 19


Ok, so this is a pretty fun post! I have had many nicknames throughout my life, it is, after all, what happens when most people do not know how to pronounce your last name… sad…but true… 🙂


Most of the people in my life call me Rache or Rach (however you want to spell it).  It has been my nickname for my of my life 🙂 I like it!

During high school, I gave several nicknames for some of our softball players and they thought they would give me one back… So my nickname for softball was… Hoagie… yes, like the bun… awesome… lol! It could have been worse 🙂

My family, however, have their own little nicknames for me.  Mom calls me her babygirl, uses my full name Rachel Suzanne when she’s angry, and she’ll throw in a few others amid conversations. My daddy, well he’s special, he used to call me Wort when I was little (we watched that movie Sword and the Stone together all the time so he would just proceed to call me Wort lol). My grandma calls me Punkin, my cousin Bruce calls me Munchkin (always has and always will… I don’t mind I like it 🙂 ) and then my late Uncle Jackie called me Suzy Jr (Mom was Suzy Q and so I was the Jr.)

Other than that, I believe those are all my nicknames, other than the few that just get thrown in there on an occasional basis 🙂

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Challenge 18

“Something you Regret”

I can honestly say I wake up every morning without a regret… Every experience that I have had in my life has made me who I am today.  I am very proud of who I am today, and for the most part I know that I am some one that my parents can be proud of as well… You must make mistakes in life to realize how to be the best person you can be.  If we do not make those mistakes then we will never realize that we are able to better ourselves, and the thought of always being complacent is a hard thing to grasp for me, because I want my life to be lived to its utmost potential.

Plus, having those… uhum… “experiences” that you may not want to discuss ever again, lead to good stories, many laughs, and the realization to your future children that you are not perfect and that everybody makes mistakes, but it is how you move on from those mistakes that make you the person you are.

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Challenge 13

Challenge 13: Goals, stepping stones to life’s journey

Goals are important.  They must be attainable, realistic, and timely. They help you accomplish tasks in everyday life and help to prepare you for the future.

I, for one, have many goals for my life:

– sometimes I just want to get through the day, the week, and get to the weekend (everyone has those days, weeks, months, heck some of us just have a bad year).

– Graduate College.  This is an aspect of my family’s life that is very important… almost something that you are expected to do. It also is the gate opener to the career that I am so excited and privileged to be working towards (being an elementary school teacher!) 🙂

– Find a man that will love me, care for me, worry about me, listen to me, and not let me get away with my orneriness 🙂 I dream of being respected and loved for the person that I am and not for the person somebody hopes they can change me into.

– Raise a wonderful family with good values, respect, and love for those in their lives.

– To let young children that I teach know that they are loved, they are wanted, and that they can make a difference no matter what their background or socioeconomic status, they just need to have hope and work hard.

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Challenge 12

Challenge 12: Things I believe in…

-God, without Him and his hope for my future on this earth, I would not have survived my car accident.  I truly believe that He has a purpose for us on this earth and His plan for us is a good one (Jeremiah 29:11).

– I feel that without my family and friends I would not be who I am today, which is somebody I am very proud of being.  Family and Friends are vital parts to one’s life, necessary for growth, maturation, love, and pure existence.  They make this journey, although rough at times, worth enduring.

– Hardwork

– Attaining an Education, whether that be High School, College, or beyond.

– Taking responsibility for one’s actions.

– Hope, without hope where is our will to live?

– There are many things I believe in, without beliefs one is missing vital parts of who they are.  If we did not believe in anything on this earth then why are we here? God has a purpose for all of us and the fun part is figuring it all out 🙂

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