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I have not posted in my blog in quite some time.  It has, in fact, been over a year ago… WOW how time flies by so quickly.  In that time, I finished my senior year at Missouri State University and graduated in May with my Bachelor of Science degree in Elementary Education, interviewed and got hired in my hometown school district to teach 5th grade alongside my own 5th grade teacher, and I am in the process of buying a house with the love of my life.

It amazes me how 4 years ago when I was graduating high school I wanted nothing more than to move to Springfield because everything I thought I wanted or needed was there.  Turns out, 4 years later, I want nothing more than to move into my new home with my soul mate and reconnect with the friends I so desperately love and need in my life where I left those 4 years ago. Who knew that finding the love of your life would lead to coming “home” to the place where I grew up and hope to raise our future children. I guess that is what happens when you settle down, become grounded, and entirely sure as to what you want out of your life. If I have learned anything through my 4 years of college it is that you must not rush things in life; everything will happen in its own time because, after all, it is not US who is controlling how things are going to play out.  It is up to US to LIVE the life that God has created for us.

All the signs have played out and pointed towards the happiness that I have currently found… I just had to let the pieces fall as they may and realize that God has a plan… a great plan… and one that will involve more for me than I will ever know or understand. I know my future will be bright, so today I need to drop the stress and the worry and just… LIVE.

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Challenge 15

Challenge 15:  Favorite Verse

Jeremiah 29:11

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”

This Bible verse is by far my favorite.  It is most relatable, calming, and perfect for my life.  To know that all obstacles that are placed in front of you in your life are there for a reason, to make you stronger, to make you appreciate life more, to allow you to mature into the person you will be proud of, all of these things are made possible because God has a plan for your life, and no matter what it will be a GOOD plan.  So rest your arms in the Lord and He will forever take care of us.

This verse was repeated over and over again after my uncle passed away.  It was sudden, unknown, scary, and nobody understood; but this verse helped me realize that God had a reason for wanting Uncle Jackie that day.  Whether it was because he had done His duty on earth and God was in need of him in Heaven, or whether it was for us who are left behind to grow, mature, prosper, forgive… Whatever it is, God did not do it to hurt us, we are his children and seeing us in pain hurts Him too.  He did it for our life’s journey and he only meant it for GOOD.

This verse has gotten me through the toughest times in my life and will continue to get me through the obstacles that face me in the future. 

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Challenge 12

Challenge 12: Things I believe in…

-God, without Him and his hope for my future on this earth, I would not have survived my car accident.  I truly believe that He has a purpose for us on this earth and His plan for us is a good one (Jeremiah 29:11).

– I feel that without my family and friends I would not be who I am today, which is somebody I am very proud of being.  Family and Friends are vital parts to one’s life, necessary for growth, maturation, love, and pure existence.  They make this journey, although rough at times, worth enduring.

– Hardwork

– Attaining an Education, whether that be High School, College, or beyond.

– Taking responsibility for one’s actions.

– Hope, without hope where is our will to live?

– There are many things I believe in, without beliefs one is missing vital parts of who they are.  If we did not believe in anything on this earth then why are we here? God has a purpose for all of us and the fun part is figuring it all out 🙂

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