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Challenge 25

The Fam 🙂


Family is everything to me.  They play many roles in my life: the friend, the disciplinarians, role models, the comedians, the story tellers, the ones who did all those bad things first so that when you thought about doing them you remembered how it didn’t turn out well when they did it so you won’t do it either (haha), the chefs, the workaholics, and the foundation upon which made me who I am… Someone I am proud to be.


Both my mom and dad’s side of the family are very large, but two very very different types of people:

My mom’s side of the family are basically what you’d call the big teddy bears… Tough on the outside, but always warm and fuzzy when you go in for the hug 🙂 They are tight… big family dinners every holiday thanks to my grandma’s amazing cooking (and of course I’m learnin the ropes in that department as well), big family get together on my birthday (and used to be every birthday, but then people started growing up and having their separate lives so we usually just try and get together on the holidays nowadays) and growing up most of the family never missed a niece or nephews/ grandkid/ son and/or daughter’s sporting event.  My grandma and grandpa had 3 kids: My momma was the baby, then my Uncle Charles, and then my Uncle Jackie.  It was sure a surprise when my momma was born because if anything everyone thought it’d be another boy (my momma was only the 2nd girl born into the family in over 60 years, and I was the third!) My Uncle Charles and Aunt Lori had my cousin Cody, who’s a little over a year younger than me; My Uncle Jackie and Aunt Loretta had 2 boys: Ricky, who is 3 years older than me and Bruce who is 3 years older than Ricky.  Needless to say I never went a moment without being wrestled to the ground, teased about my boyfriends, or having to stand my ground to prove that I didn’t want to be treated different than the boy because I could hold my own.  Nobody better tested my strength (mentally and physically), my willpower, and my comeback skills better than my Uncle Jackie; Being 6’5’’ and over 300 lbs with a voice that could be heard from the other end of the earth you had to learn how to stand your ground and take the teasin’ which was a life lesson well learned for me to be carefree and go with the flow of life.  Ya see, my mom’s side of the family is tough, but the love that we had for one another runs deep, so deep that every hug can be felt from your skin clear to the depths of heart.  That love came in handy when my Uncle Jackie passed away.  The tight family was tested, the love needed more than ever, and then there was silence. More than ever we were thankful for the goodbye hugs and kisses and I love you that always accompanied the goodbyes. I am thankful for those moments and I choose to never take them for granted.


My daddy’s side of the family is often the other end of the spectrum.  No get togethers for the holidays, birthdays, and or just-because occasions… My dad’s side of the family is very large… My granny Helen (great grandma) had 9 kids and by the time of her 70th birthday she had over 120 decendents… she is now almost 91.  My dad’s mom passed away when he was 21… I really feel that that is the reason in which my dad’s side of the family is not very close.  They haven’t had that one person to take the initiative to make them get together and appreciate everyone’s company.  If grandma Peggy was here, she would whip them into shape; I know she is looking down upon us and shaking her head because she knows that life is all too short and the time we have with our family should be treasured more than any object you can attain.  My grandpa Al has thankfully always been a part of MY life though, and is starting to realize just how important spending time with your family is, and that that is all that me and my parents have ever ask for from him… his time and love.  He’s been to every birthday party, came to all my softball games that were close to home, and always checks in on me… He’s a force to be reckoned with and his tough exterior has slowly softened up over the years. I see alot of grandpa in my dad (tough love, hardworking, mechanically minded, crafty), but I also see a lot of what is probably my grandma Peggy shining through (always helpful, problem solver, appreciative, would rather do something for somebody else than have someone else do something for him). 


This has been a long blog entry I know, but family is honestly the most important thing in my life… I’ve loved and lost so many people within the last few years that mean more than words could ever say to me, but I can be proud of who I am every day because I made time to see them, love them, and appreciate them for just who they are and our times spent together. 

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Challenge 24

Ipod Shuffle time!

10 songs from itunes on shuffle 🙂


1. James Otto- “Just got Started Lovin’ you!”

2. Lonestar- “I’m already there”

3. Naturi Naughton & Collins Pennie- “Can’t Hide from love” (from FAME soundtrack)

4. Mayday Parade- “Take this to heart”

5. Jason Reeves- “You in a song” (AMAZING SONG btw 🙂 )

6. Jack Johnson- “Lullaby”

7. Colt Ford- “Mud diggers”

8. Young Jeezy ft. Plies- “Lose My Mind”

9. Linkin Park- “Shadow of the Day”

10. Lil Jon- “Snap ya fingers”


*** haha talk about a wide variety of music right there 🙂

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I could not have put these thoughts any more perfect… Bravo!

When I was in college, I was a hostess at a restaurant in the outskirts of town. The place was reasonably priced for a surprisingly rich cuisine, and they allowed (well, encouraged) me to wear pretty dresses, so I stayed for the extra wages into my final semester of school. One night when it was slow up front, I had way too much time to think about the sour patch I was having in my relationship with Mr. Idea, the difficulties with my friends (pri … Read More

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Challenge 23

Something I’ve learned…


That something would be… you have to be able to please yourself in life before you can begin to please that of those around you.


Growing up I felt as if I needed to please those people in my life before I made myself happy. 

My heart has been broken many times because I was more worried about being happy with somebody else than making sure I was happy first.  I have come to find out that if you constantly go through life trying to please others you are often trying to fill a void that is missing inside of yourself. 

Today, I live my life for me.  I am happy, I have no regrets, and I am someone that I can be proud of. Someday, I’ll find that somebody that loves me for me and I’ve learned that I do not have to compromise the person that I am for that to happen. So the day when that person comes along I will truly know all aspects of what it is to be happy.  If that person makes me even happier than my life was before them, then I know I’ve found my happy ending. 

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Challenge 21

Favorite City…

This one’s easy… Chicago.  I feel as if I have talked a lot about Chicago throughout my blog, but it honestly is one of the most mesmerizing places in the United States.  It’s clean, bright, unique, artsy, lots of good shopping, food, and lots of good places to just sit and enjoy the world around you.  One of my goals is to eventually return there and soak up more of what this amazing and beautiful city has to offer.

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The day I was born, November 15, 1989 my dad had to be removed from the deer woods and come witness my arrival… Since then, I think it became known that I would be a hunter, myself.  Afterall, more often than not, my birthday is the actual starting date for Rifle Season.

This year I am most definitely looking forward to Deer Season, it begins tomorrow and it could not arrive soon enough.  I get to spend time with my family, away from the stress of everyday life, with a loaded firearm in my hand 🙂 woo!  I have to admit though, since I have killed and mounted my 11 point buck (my first and only deer kill) I have yet to see anything else.  I have a feeling God was trying to tell me that I had enough for a while.

This year, I have a feelin things are going to change! Our new hunting location has 5 buck rubs within the surrounding area (BIG ONES!) and the setting for this deer season just seems right… I’ll have time to hunt both weekends, plus in the midst is my 21st birthday 🙂 This year…just feels…right 🙂 So wish us fellow deer hunters luck this coming rifle season and hopefully we’ll have some good stories, pictures, and smells for you to be graced with 🙂

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The Wimpiness Trap I have decided that whenever I am feeling 'unappreciated', I need to let my feelings be known, calmly, and maturely. Yes, well… my version of calmly and maturely needs some work. I would like to be able to tell you this was merely my impersonation of a teenager in the throes of a hormonal surge of sarcasm but, alas… As I was saying… …alas, I admit, every once in a while, I digress into a  whiny, wimpy, mess.  I guess this is one of those … Read More

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I think this blog post refreshing, undeniably true, and definitely worth reading and passing on.

Go live with a car battery... My husband is moody. This bothers me a great deal; especially because his darker moods are the ones that often accompany him home after a hard day of pleasantries and professionalism. But I’ve realized something huge about this. You see, my husband was raised in a loving, nurturing environment. His parents loved him unconditionally. But th … Read More

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