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I have not posted in my blog in quite some time.ย  It has, in fact, been over a year ago… WOW how time flies by so quickly.ย  In that time, I finished my senior year at Missouri State University and graduated in May with my Bachelor of Science degree in Elementary Education, interviewed and got hired in my hometown school district to teach 5th grade alongside my own 5th grade teacher, and I am in the process of buying a house with the love of my life.

It amazes me how 4 years ago when I was graduating high school I wanted nothing more than to move to Springfield because everything I thought I wanted or needed was there.ย  Turns out, 4 years later, I want nothing more than to move into my new home with my soul mate and reconnect with the friends I so desperately love and need in my life where I left those 4 years ago. Who knew that finding the love of your life would lead to coming “home” to the place where I grew up and hope to raise our future children. I guess that is what happens when you settle down, become grounded, and entirely sure as to what you want out of your life. If I have learned anything through my 4 years of college it is that you must not rush things in life; everything will happen in its own time because, after all, it is not US who is controlling how things are going to play out.ย  It is up to US to LIVE the life that God has created for us.

All the signs have played out and pointed towards the happiness that I have currently found… I just had to let the pieces fall as they may and realize that God has a plan… a great plan… and one that will involve more for me than I will ever know or understand. I know my future will be bright, so today I need to drop the stress and the worry and just… LIVE.

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The next step

My best friend has entrusted me in putting together her personal (lingerie) shower for her wedding ๐Ÿ™‚

This is an exciting event for me… I feel like I get to contribute in making this point in her life even more special and memorable.

Invitations are being printed. Venue is set. Addresses are being found. Smiles are being created.

Filling Beth in on every step and knowing how excited she is becoming just makes my day! She has been there through the hardest points in my life and through the highest most wonderful points, and this is just a small way I can repay her for that. 

It has been hard though, because the closer it gets to the wedding the closer it is to her building a life away from me.  I know it may sound selfish, but when you get used to spilling your guts to your best friend every day it gets hard when they aren’t around.  I know though, that she IS there and I’m proud to be able to be her Co-Maid of Honor and help make this special chapter in her life one that will last forever.

She constantly reminds me of how one can find their other half when they are least expecting it, whether it is at Jiffy Lube or in another state.  No matter where you are if you keep your eyes open, your guard down, and your sense of self intact, you never know when a new person will walk into your life and change it forever.

So thank you Bethy Lou, my best friend, my sister from God….Thank you for being there for me, through the bad times AND through the good times.  You’ll always be my best friend ๐Ÿ™‚ and I’ll never be able to express it well enough ๐Ÿ™‚

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Challenge 22

Favorite Vacation

My favorite vacation of all time was Orlando, FL my junior year of High School for DECA Nationals… The trip cost next to nothing, got to compete at the national level in marketing which is something I love, spend time with friends, and finally see the ocean for the first time in my life with my best friend, Beth.

This is Beth and I at the beach in Daytona, FL! One of my favorite pictures EVER! ๐Ÿ˜€

This was the resort that we got to stay in! While we were there, Earth, Wind and Fire also played a concert at the pool for a huge Enterprise Car Rental executives party.ย  This resort was awesome! I had to spend alot of time here so I’m glad it was as amazing as it was… On this trip I got really stressed, which when I get stressed I get sick, and therefore I became sick for the entire trip… I visited the Market that was in the bottom floor along with the Baskin Robbins which has these awesome smoothie things that made me feel better.ย  The only bad part of this resort was that nothing… and I mean NOTHING was within walking distance.ย  You had to take a shuttle somewhere or walk 5 miles, but due to this Beth and I found the most AMAZING pizza that got delivered to us ๐Ÿ˜€

These were what our rooms looked like, and if I remember correctly, Beth and I were in the bed nearest to the window.

This was my very first look at the ocean… It was one of the most amazing moments of my life.ย  I cannot wait to return to this place.ย  Along Daytona Beach they had a pier and that is where Beth and I got our henna tattoos and we went shopping in the little hole in the wall shops along the beach.

I think the reason I loved this vacation so much was that it was the last time in my life where I remember feeling safe, happy, at ease, and not having to worry about the car wreck that almost killed me a week after we arrived back home.ย  Granted, we recently settled my car wreck case, but after 3 years of worry its hard to forget, and in reality it is something I will never forget as much as I’d like to some days.

All of these experiences, grouped into one, have easily placed this vacation at the top of my list… Life changing, forever memorable, and all spent with my best friend. ๐Ÿ™‚

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Challenge 19


Ok, so this is a pretty fun post! I have had many nicknames throughout my life, it is, after all, what happens when most people do not know how to pronounce your last name… sad…but true… ๐Ÿ™‚


Most of the people in my life call me Rache or Rach (however you want to spell it).ย  It has been my nickname for my of my life ๐Ÿ™‚ I like it!

During high school, I gave several nicknames for some of our softball players and they thought they would give me one back… So my nickname for softball was… Hoagie… yes, like the bun… awesome… lol! It could have been worse ๐Ÿ™‚

My family, however, have their own little nicknames for me.ย  Mom calls me her babygirl, uses my full name Rachel Suzanne when she’s angry, and she’ll throw in a few others amid conversations. My daddy, well he’s special, he used to call me Wort when I was little (we watched that movie Sword and the Stone together all the time so he would just proceed to call me Wort lol). My grandma calls me Punkin, my cousin Bruce calls me Munchkin (always has and always will… I don’t mind I like it ๐Ÿ™‚ ) and then my late Uncle Jackie called me Suzy Jr (Mom was Suzy Q and so I was the Jr.)

Other than that, I believe those are all my nicknames, other than the few that just get thrown in there on an occasional basis ๐Ÿ™‚

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Challenge 17

Challenge 17- Something I’m looking forward to

There are several things that I am looking forward to in my life, some just around the corner, and some farther away, but all-in-all equally excited for them!

1. Thanksgiving- for many reasons this is something I’m looking forward to! ย Great food that I get to help cook with my grandma, wonderful time spent with my family which doesn’t happen enough, and getting to wake up and watch the Thanksgiving Day parade with my momma ๐Ÿ™‚

2. Next semester- I know school is not something people normally look forward to, but next semester i’ll be starting my methods classes, which are the next step right before I student teach… These classes are one-on-one support for you to become the best teacher you could possibly be. They try to prepare you for every situation (although impossible) and give you all the tools you need to get through your first day as a new teacher. ย I am finally, slowly but surely, getting closer to teaching, which is my ultimate desire.

3. Monday!- OK, this Monday my best friend from High School is coming into town so see family and friends for Thanksgiving! I haven’t gotten to see her since she moved to Alabama, but we do try to keep in touch through our blogs! Tuesday we will be trying on dresses for her wedding; I know I will be crying because it’s just a cementing to the fact she won’t always be around, but someday I’ll get to have that wedding too ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m just lucky I get to be apart of hers ๐Ÿ™‚ Love you, Beth…

4. Someday having that special someone in my life- I look forward to someday be blessed with the man for me and I know that God will put him in my life when the time is right. Until then, I am happy with who I am, where my life is, and where my life is headed. I am content. I am independent, and I can live without a man, but will be excited to have that special person in my life that makes the wild and crazy roller coaster of life worth riding.

5. ย Having a family and a place to call home of my own ’nuff said… I’m gonna be a teacher, so I love kids and someday will be so happy to have kids in my life to watch grow, prosper and become the best they can be, and having a home of my own is something I’ve always wanted (I mean I live in my grandparents house that I’ve gotten to decorate, but it’s just not quite the same).

6. The day I get to see my Uncle Jackie again… not that I want it to be soon (sorry Uncle Jackie lol), because I feel I have a lot to accomplish with my time left on Earth, but that day that get to walk through heaven’s gates and see God and my Uncle standing there, waiting for me, and walking me in… that day will be amazing… someday of course ๐Ÿ™‚

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Challenge 15

Challenge 15:ย  Favorite Verse

Jeremiah 29:11

“For I know the plans I have for you,โ€ declares the LORD, โ€œplans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”

This Bible verse is by far my favorite.ย  It is most relatable, calming, and perfect for my life.ย  To know that all obstacles that are placed in front of you in your life are there for a reason, to make you stronger, to make you appreciate life more, to allow you to mature into the person you will be proud of, all of these things are made possible because God has a plan for your life, and no matter what it will be a GOOD plan.ย  So rest your arms in the Lord and He will forever take care of us.

This verse was repeated over and over again after my uncle passed away.ย  It was sudden, unknown, scary, and nobody understood; but this verse helped me realize that God had a reason for wanting Uncle Jackie that day.ย  Whether it was because he had done His duty on earth and God was in need of him in Heaven, or whether it was for us who are left behind to grow, mature, prosper, forgive… Whatever it is, God did not do it to hurt us, we are his children and seeing us in pain hurts Him too.ย  He did it for our life’s journey and he only meant it for GOOD.

This verse has gotten me through the toughest times in my life and will continue to get me through the obstacles that face me in the future.ย 

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Challenge 14

Challenge 14: A picture of something you love…

Well in this case, it is SOMEONE I love ๐Ÿ™‚

This is my grandpa, Floyd Duane Blankenship.ย  My hero, my role model, the voice of my conscience, and above all the one man besides my daddy that can put the biggest smile on my momma’s face.

My grandpa is above all an inspiration to me in so many ways.ย  He is strong. He has gone through colon cancer, recently finishing up his 12 chemo treatments about a couple months ago, he has survived the death of a son, kept the family farm running and prospering since he was a kid, and above all he has changed the lives of countless individuals within his 33 years as a teacher, principal, and superintendent.ย  This man has done it all, and given the time would love to share stories of every memory that he has of it all. He is the reason I want to be a teacher.ย  On him and my grandma’s 50th wedding anniversary, countless individuals came up to him and said “thank you. thank you for giving me a chance when nobody else would. for realizing my potential and not letting me give in to what everyone else thought of me. For you I have to thank for making something out of myself, because without you I would have this wonderful family I have now”.ย  Hearing statements like this put me to tears and will forever bring a tear to my eye.

This picture of my grandpa teddin the hay in July of 2010 is the look I often see on my grandpa’s face.ย  This look is calm, thoughtful, precise, and always thinking one step ahead. Ya see, my grandpa is always anticipating every motion and if something arises in his path he has already figured up a way to get through it. Grandpa is not the type to get extremely angry, yes I have seen him upset before, but most of the time he is the type of person that gives you the “I’m very disappointed in you” look that ultimately rips you to pieces without the need of words.

Thought my grandpa has not ultimately been himself lately because of not feeling well, I know that he will be ok.ย  He is a trooper, a fighter, and this whole cancer thing will not get the best of him.

I love my grandpa. Forever and Always.

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