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Tonight I have been watching a Christmas movie on the Hallmark channel titled “Farewell Mr. Kringle.”  It had a quote in it that is what inspired this blog post for me!  Mr. Kringle has said how he will do all that he can for all that he meets for he will not be able to pass by this moment again when his time on earth is done.

Makes ya think: Why do we only publicly discuss doing all we can for the unfortunate when the Christmas holiday is nearing?  Why don’t we do all we can to help those in need all year round; even at that, why do we feel the need to have to publicize when we DO do those kind deeds.  Is it that extra pat on the back we feel is necessary for one acknowledging “yes… you are a good person?”

When I do things for others I feel a warmth within my soul and receive a smile that reminds me that I am appreciated for what I do without having to be told and it reminds me as to the reason I love helping others: not for the praise, but for the smile I often receive in return.

50% of charitable donations collected by charities for an entire year are given during the Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday season… is this our last-ditch effort at the end of the year to do good for someone other than ourselves?

I, personally, feel that opportunities present themselves on a daily basis as to how we can help those around us: whether it be picking up a grocery item that was dropped by an individual because they had too much in their hands, opening a door, greeting one with a smile on your face (just a smile can make the pain or hurt one has can make the ride of life a little bit easier to ride), donating your time to help a family friend going through cancer by checking on them or volunteering your time at a fundraiser.  All of these are ways to help people around you without even pulling money out of your pocket.  Yes, monetary donations are much appreciated for all charities, but those that cannot afford to shell out more money during the year, your time can often be just as appreciated and just as helpful.

We never know how much time we have, but we do have the opportunities presented to us to make our lives as fulfilling as can be.

Media: Make every day important for helping out others, not just Christmas!

Readers: Realize all the opportunities presented to you to help others, even if just to put a smile on their face. Never put off for tomorrow what could be accomplished today… (unless it’s laundry, because who really wants to do laundry!)

Embrace this holiday season, but be it but a reminder that there are people who are hurting every day, not just Christmas, and if you can make a difference on any day of the year then your generosity will be just as appreciated then, if not more than during the holiday season.

My challenge to you, readers, is to embrace generosity and find a way to help the less fortunate all year ’round!

What do you think? Do you agree?

Happy Holidays dear bloggers! Enjoy the time you have to spend with your family and friends, for those memories will never be forgotten and can never be replaced 🙂

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